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Information For Buyers

At Brookmoor Adams Advisors, we only work with companies that we consider to be saleable. Before a business is listed, a thorough analysis of three years’ financial statements and tax returns is conducted. Furthermore, all sellers are required to complete a profile questionnaire, which details all relevant topics related to the business. All the information is then compiled into a complete marketing package for your review. Every business we work with is priced at fair earnings multiples and are usually valued by an independent third party professional.

Brookmoor Adams Advisors works with buyers in two ways:

  • As an affiliate of Business Brokers Network, Brookmoor Adams Advisors can list you as a buyer on the BBN web site and sponsor your interests with other BBN brokers in the network on the local or national level. If an appropriate match is identified Brookmoor Adams Advisors will contact you. This involves no cost to you, but will give you the inside track on companies before they are placed online.
  • In a more proactive capacity, Brookmoor Adams Advisors can help you to identify specific purchase candidates within and outside the BBN network. We will prescreen companies against your performance criteria, make initial inquiries and help structure a potential deal. You or your company will perform your own due diligence. This scenario requires an up front retainer, which would go against any future Finders Fee if a purchase is made.

In either case, Brookmoor Adams Advisors will require that potential buyers go through a pre-screening process. This involves proof of down payment monies, credit reports and appraisal of any assets to be used as collateral (if and when necessary). The pre-screening process is intended to protect all parties. Companies are pre-screened for profitability and in most instances have been professionally valued by an independent third party. Buyers are pre-screened for seriousness of intent, financial capability and must sign a confidentiality agreement before exposure to any potential purchase candidate.

Brookmoor Adams Advisors can also assist with acquiring funds for business acquisition through local banks, SBA agencies and occasionally private investors.

Brookmoor Adams Advisors will work with qualified buyers to help them find a suitable business for purchase. We will develop a buyer profile, which outlines your purchase interests by industry, business type, business size and location. The profile also addresses the resources you have available to make a purchase.

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What To Expect - Sequence Of Events For Business Transfer

  • Confidential phone conversation with broker to review what type of business interests you, buyers’ strengths and weaknesses as well as financial needs.
  • Buyer signs simple financial disclosure and confidentiality agreement forms.
  • Buyer reviews in depth profile of company he/she is interested in.
  • If further interest is present, an on site visit is scheduled.
  • Buyer, if inclined makes offer to purchase with earnest money deposit to be held in escrow.
  • Buyer and seller negotiate structure of deal.
  • Buyer completes a period of due diligence. Usually one to two weeks, on site where the buyer reviews records and practices of the business.
  • Seller and buyer close the transaction.
  • Seller embarks on a new exciting and rewarding adventure.

Why it’s Better to Buy a Business than to Start One:

1. Actual results rather than pro-forma.
2. Immediate cash flow.
3. Trained employees in place.
4. Established suppliers and credit.
5. Established customers and referral business.
6. Existing licenses and permits.
7. Training by the seller.
8. The availability of owner financing.
9. Known name means instant recognition.
10. Proven product or service.
11. Marketable higher success rate than to start up a business.

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